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Rohde & Schwarz Engineering Competition


Rohde & Schwarz Engineering Competition 2019

In the 2019 competition we focused on 5G broadcast. Read here how we worked with dedicated teams of students in computer science and electrical engineering.

This is how we started:

The teams dived deep into the 5G Broadcast technology that changes the way we consume content mobile on the go. The teams then competed in an online data challenge against teams from Germany, Singapore, the US, Czech, Switzerland and Austria. Take a look at the winners of 2019 here.


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Stay tuned for our news regarding the 2020 engineering competition!

The challenge of the
Engineering Competition 2019

Did you ever face the situation that you are streaming a football game, and at the most critical moment, like a penalty shoot-out, your stream needs to buffer? Or have you experienced that annoying short message your network provider sends to you, a week before the end of the month, saying you have used 80% of your data cap? At least, if you are living in Germany you know it.

5G Broadcast is a revolutionary technology. The potential to broadcast content to a mobile device would render data plans obsolete, as consumers would no longer need them to be able to stream content on their mobile devices. Instead, the newly designed 5G chips in your smartphones are recognizing that the content is made available for mass consumption, and switches the reception channel. Hence, you get an improved Quality of Experience (QoE) while having no costs of using your own data plans.

The challenge however, is to efficiently use the 5G Broadcast network for content that is in high demand and optimize the consumers requests by minimizing the amount of unsatisfied consumer demands. In this year’s challenge, we provide you with a 5G Broadcast Network Dataset, and challenge you to use machine learning to minimize the unsatisfied user request and to improve the QoE for most of the users.


What fields of study are acceptable for participation in the competition?

The tasks are aimed at students majoring in electrical engineering or software engineering – ideally with specialization in communication engineering.

How many semesters must students have completed to participate?

We recommend that students have completed at least second year. But, students who have completed fewer semesters may participate. Get participants who have completed higher semesters to be part of your team!

Which academic degrees can participants hold?

It doesn't matter whether the participants are working towards a bachelor's, master's or diploma.

Which groups are excluded from participating?

Students that have finished or left their studies, graduates and PhD candidates are not allowed to participate. Please note: This is a competition for students of electrical and software engineering.

What knowledge do the participants need?

Technical knowledge of data processing may be helpful, but not obligatory. You can check out „The task“ before registration.

Can I take part without a team?

We ask you to register as a team. Teams may consist of three to five persons. Here is a link to register.