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Rohde & Schwarz Engineering Competition


Rohde & Schwarz

Engineering Competition

World League 2017

We present the winners of this year's Engineering Competition:

1st place: team 3-QAM from Karlsuher Institut für Technologie

2nd place: team Kommando Spektralkräfte from Karlsruher Institut für Technologie

3rd place: team MaGNUficent from RWTH Aachen

Congratulations to the winners!



The task

Engineering Competition
World League 2017

Better, faster, further! Develop the future of video distribution! Rohde & Schwarz is searching for the champions of signal processing and software optimization worldwide. Build a team of electrical and software engineers. Compete against others and show your expertise.

The participants of the competition will enhance (for the highest performance) the software-based DVB-T2-Coder, based on the open source GNU Radio project. The coder is the basis for an OFDM based digital television system used primarily in Europe.

The main task for you and your team: What modifications will yield the best performance while maintaining the accuracy of the output? Each time that you submit your work, Rohde & Schwarz will review the performance and accuracy of your solution. You can also check the position of your team in a ranking system and compare to the results of other teams.

May the most efficient code win! Your TV signal could change the world of TV. Are you ready to meet the challenge?


What fields of study are acceptable for participation in the competition?

The tasks are aimed at students majoring in electrical engineering or software engineering – ideally with specialization in communication engineering.

How many semesters must students have completed to participate?

We recommend that students have completed at least second year. But, students who have completed fewer semesters may participate. Get participants who have completed higher semesters to be part of your team!

Which academic degrees can participants hold?

It doesn't matter whether the participants are working towards a bachelor's, master's or diploma.

Which groups are excluded from participating?

Students that have finished or left their studies, graduates and PhD candidates are not allowed to participate. Please note: This is a competition for students of electrical and software engineering.

What knowledge do the participants need?

Technical knowledge of signal processing may be helpful, but not obligatory. You can check out „The task“ before registration.

Can I take part without a team?

We ask you to register as a team. Teams may consist of three to five persons. Here is a link to register.